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DIY Quilt Light by Tamara Maynes

Tamara Maynes is a New South Wales based designer, who has recently taken up the position of craft contributor at Inside Out magazine. If you just happen to be Sydney based, check out The School, where Tamara teaches a variety of craft classes.

This super nifty quilt light was originally designed for a feature in Inside out, and it then went on to feature with Supercyclers at the Milan Design week in April of this year.

The quilt light is not sold as a finished product – instead, you purchase it as a downloadable template, and choose your own custom details.  Once the template is purchased, you can make as many as you like, in any size you want, and you can choose whether you paint it, tape it or stitch it!

Apparently, fashion designer Marc Jacobs made his own version of Tamara’s Quilt Light for display in London’s iconic Liberty store during the London Design Festival this year.

You can purchase a Quilt Light template for $20 from Tamara’s online store, and check out the daily posts on her gorgeous blog.




I came across these beautiful ceramics the other day when The Style Files shared them on Facebook. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them since. I really really really want some!

Lindform is a Swedish based company, specialising in handmade ceramics. Their organic shapes and colours are inspired by the Nordic and Japanese cultures, with a focus on harmony and simplicity.

As far as I know, there is no one in New Zealand or Australia stocking these ceramics. If only I had my own store!

Three of you please. You would look absolutely delightful perched upon my mantle.

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Bread spoons by Niels Datema

I came across these beautiful bread measuring spoons a while ago, and have been dreaming about owning them ever since. I even emailed Niels Datema to see if I could order a set, but alas, they are not available for purchase quite yet! He assures me that soon they will be. I am hanging out for the day!

Each spoon is perfectly proportioned for the five ingredients needed to make a loaf of bread.

The handles of each spoon are labelled with the corresponding ingredients – water, flour, oil, sugar and yeast – so all you need to do is scoop, mix, and knead.

Aren’t they divine? When (not if) I own these, they will definitely be out on display – not hiding away in a drawer!

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Ovo Highchair by Culdesac

Spanish designers Culdesac have designed this highchair for baby equipment brand Micuna. It comes with removable legs and accessories, so it will still be useful as the child begins to grow. You know what that means? You can TOTALLY justify spending the extra dosh!

The highchair comes with a wipe-clean seat, tray and footrest.

The tray, legs, and footrest can all be removed so the seat can eventually function like any other chair at the table.

Fingers crossed future baby blanc will be lucky enough to sit its sweet little bottom in one of these! Maybe toes crossed too.

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Designer Duo

New Zealanders Scott Fitzsimons and Richard Hartle collaborated their talents back in 2009 and came up with the brainchild Scott, Rich & Victoria.

Their 2010 collection, ‘A Year Apart’, was designed over a twelve month period, and over twelve time zones (their studio is split between London and Auckland). Check these sweet pieces out…

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Katydid Paper Goods

Katydid Paper Goods is one of the cutest little online stationery sites I have ever seen. AND even better, it’s kiwi owned and made!

Don’t you love these quirky gift cards?

This one’s a personal fave – would be perfect for my man who gets nicknamed Jem – You’re a gem, Jem!

Quintessential Kiwi Xmas…

Yes washi tape – You Rule!

If you are a Wellington local, visit The Wanda Harland Design Store out in Petone to check out more of Katydid’s work.

And…in case you were wondering why I have so much time to blog…school holidays have just begun and yes, I AM PROCRASTINATING from writing reports. There. I said it.

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Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

Douglas + Bec of Workroom Design (if you haven’t heard of them already, you should have!) have collaborated with Kate Sylvester, and have produced some beautiful, sleek new designs that would look right at home at my place. Seriously, right at home. Did you hear that Jeremy??

Check out their full interview over on The Design Files