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Another Malmo Gem

Well, what a hectic few weeks it has been! We have just spent the weekend packing up three bedrooms and putting all the furniture into storage, and getting ready for all of the carpet in the house to be ripped up on Tuesday! To say I am excited is an understatement. We have decided to renovate the three bedrooms for now – plaster skimming the walls, painting, lighting and new carpet. I promise to put some before and after photos up when it’s all done!

I came across this house when perusing Bolaget, one of the many Scandinavian real estate websites I often visit. (One of the best places other than Pinterest for some great inspiration!) This place is for sale in Malmo, Sweden for just over $500,000 NZD – a pretty sweet deal compared to what we can get over here for the same price!




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Be Mine

I love following Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day. She always has the coolest DIY ideas, amongst many other things! Her latest idea is to create a Giant Letter Valentine where you send your lover or friend one giant letter a day, until it spells out your message!

What message would you send you valentine? This would actually be a super cool way to propose to someone…

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Tuesday Tunesday

This is a bit of a sentimental song for me and Jeremy. I absolutely LOVE this song! Conor Oberst is the lead singer from Bright Eyes, and he has now gone solo and released a self-titled album on which according to Entertainment Weekly, “Conor sounds like Bright Eyes, only heightened–brighter, if you will: He’s emo balladeer, country rocker, and ferocious folkie rolled into one.”

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Love Me Do

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love any excuse to show a little love and romance. But, I do find Valentines Day a little gimmicky and annoying. So in that vein,  although this post is Valentines Day themed, I am going on the premise that you don’t need a day like Valentines Day to go all out – you can have random displays of love any day of  the year!

Key to a long and happy marriage: "Keep the stomach full and the scrotum empty"

I love my food and so does Jeremy. We were blessed enough to be given inside wisdom to a happy marriage from my father in his speech at our wedding – “Keep the stomach full and the scrotum empty.” Thanks for that Dad.

Because of our combined love of food, I’ve decided to collate a wee menu with the sorts of dishes I would make for my man, perhaps on V Day or for an anniversary, or perhaps just for the hell of it – just to say I love you.

By the way, I am dying to photograph and get some of my own meals I’ve cooked up on this blog. But…the only camera I have at the moment is on my phone, and there is no way I’m putting badly lit, unappetizing looking food photos up here! So if any of you have some recommendations for a good middle of the range SLR camera, I would love to hear them! Until then, here are someone else’s beautiful food photos!

To Start – Fresh Prawn Crostini and Basil Jalapeño Margaritas

     Click for Recipe                                                                                                  Click for Recipe

Photos courtesy of What Katie Ate

Entree – Baked Oysters with Pancetta, Artichoke and Horseradish

This entree choice has nothing to do with the fact that oysters are a known aphrodisiac, nothing at all…

Photo courtesy of What Katie Ate

Click for recipe

The Main Event – Beef and Shiraz Tortellini with Roasted Tomato Sauce

For this recipe, fresh homemade pasta is a must! I know Donna Hay often cheats and uses wonton wrappers for this purpose, so if you are pressed for time, I guess you could do the same. But NOTHING beats homemade pasta!

Photo courtesy of What Katie Ate

Click for Recipe

Dessert – Roasted Fig Tart with Orange Blossom, Cinnamon and Mint Cream Filling

For a romantic meal, I might be tempted to split this recipe into little individual tart tins.

Photo courtesy of What Katie Ate

Click for Recipe

Ok so you may have noticed that I’ve gone all out with using all What Katie Ate recipes! To be honest, I spent hours trawling through the many food blogs that I follow, trying to find the perfect recipes with the perfect photographs to match. In every case, What Katie Ate was definitely the first choice! If you are on the lookout for a new cookbook, hers is definitely one I would recommend.

I hope I have inspired you to start thinking about how to keep your significant other’s stomach full, and I won’t ask about the rest. Hopefully this menu will keep you full enough to have enough energy to sustain the rest of the evenings shenanigans, but not too full that you feel completely bloated and totally unsexy…

Hope you all have a lovely Valentines Day!

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Hello Paper

Oh my goodness, it has been waay too long! But, I do have the good excuse of a wedding and honeymoon to let me off the hook!

Jeremy and I got married on the 12th of Jan in my parents house and garden and it was just the most magical day. Of course, there were a few hiccups like there are at every wedding, but these were infinitesimal compared to everything else!

0443_IMG_7705_P 0079_DSC7364_PChloe Robe Bridal Image

Isn’t the full length silk robe by For Every Minute to die for?! I felt so so glamorous getting ready in it!


My silk organza gown was made by the lovely Elizabeth at A La Robe


0307_DSC7886_P 0487__DSC8144_P 0483_DSC_0372_P 0777_DSC_9338_P 0840__DSC7863_P 0845_DSC_9467_P

The wonderful Miss Daisy did the beautiful flowers and the hanging test tube chandelier.

1048__DSC5861_P 1049__DSC5866_P 1115_IMG_8633_P

Can’t forget our gorgeous 4 month old Bernese Mountain Dog puppy! He was soo well behaved on the day – almost stole the show away from me!1046_DSC_0423_P

Aren’t the twine and kraft pennant tags just adorable? Despite the abundance of wedding photos, that’s actually my lame segue into what todays post is all about!

Hello Paper is an online New Zealand based paper goods and homeware store. I had the pleasure of meeting Audrey, the owner, when I was up north staying at Mum and Dad’s place for the wedding. I needed a last minute supply of bakers twine, and she was very accommodating despite being on holiday!

After spending the summer doodling and designing, Audrey of Hello Paper, has just extended the range to include gift tags and tea towels printed with her signature designs, amongst many other wee gems.

I have so many of her things on my wish list…

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Advent Calendar Inspiration

Well, it’s that time again! Christmas is in the air! The other day I spent the evening crafting up some christmassy goodness from all the wonderful ideas I’ve collated on Pinterest. There has been an abundance of Advent Calendar inspiration this year, and I thought it necessary to share with you some of my faves. Thanks to modern day technology, lots of them even come with their own free printable templates!


Via A Merry Mishap


Via Lovely Indeed


Via Oh Happy Day


Via Design Sponge


Via Natuerlich Kreativ


Via Englemor


Via Casa E Trend




Via Hey Look


Via Emma’s Designblogg


Via Lovely Things


Via Sunday in Bed Tumblrhttps://lh4.googleusercontent.com/9-65ny4kIVnOIoveONRnZovI5JXvVnoTbjG6DxXXMYJK6fmCOydQbciXDZvuj7_hb9N35kc0f2A-PsPDi2JjURXiVU5yopi3l5QAxYWxE7_3bh1UOQVia Whatever Dee Dee Wants


Via Style Me Pretty


Via Oh Happy Day

Well I hope that’s inspired you. It’s certainly inspired me to be more organised for next year!

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Spicy Roasted Broccolini Quinoa Salad

I have to apologise for completely dropping off the radar! I have been frantic for the last few weeks, writing end of year reports for school. Thankfully, they are almost all done and dusted!! I am so grateful for easy, tasty meals when life is hectic. The one I’m sharing today is a recipe shared by chef Gaby Dalkin on The Design Files, and is the best option when you are stuck for time and ingredients. When I first read the recipe, I thought to myself, “is that all it’s got in it?? Surely that can’t taste very exciting!” But oh how wrong I was.

I often substitute the broccolini for good old normal broccoli, and have been known to chuck in asparagus and chargrilled courgette when I have it on hand.

Doesn’t it look delish?! Once you’ve made this, I promise you it will become your easy, go to, mid-week meal. And an even bigger bonus is that it’s super healthy!

Click here for the recipe.